Shift your company to the next level

We connect selected apps with the best OEMs arround the world

Get Preloads from TOP smartphone vendors

We ensure that the traffic being sent to your campaigns is comprised of real consumers who are hungry for your product or service.


We bring large scale distribution with direct preload on mobile phones, with a service tailored to the needs of both distributors and publishers. Time to market and transparent business models are the base of our service.

Flexible business models and exclusive terms

Flexible business models

Selected geographical locations

Selected geographical locations

Advanced dinamic statistic

Advanced dinamic statistic


  • 15M+ installs
  • 20+ OEMs
  • 10K+ applications


Dedicated efforts focus on continually bringing new Apps developers and OEMs into the network. Combined with our strong OEMs base, this creates an optimal envirnment for long-term success.

Meridian Company (Fly Smartphones Brand)

Results: In 2019, are uploaded 100K devices in CIS GEO with the conversion per activation rate of 25% and ROI 135%

    Best experts, proven experience

    Global company with local presence, built and operated by skilled and experienced professionals from the mobile phone industry. We connect the best applications and services with the right phone manufacturers and distributors around the world.

    • 15M+ installs
    • 20+ OEMs
    • 10K+ applications

    Convert selected apps to your monetization

    Your brand’s integrity is protected. We offer only hight quality software and most popular in particular region.


    Committed account managers

    Conditions for distributor

    Improve post sale monetization with flexible business model and predictable revenue streams.


    132 Arch. Makariou III, Sagro Building 3021, Limassol, Cyprus

    For Publishers

    For Distributors

    Let’s shift your company to the next level

    Meridian Company Case (Fly Smartphones Brand)

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